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Ereaders.com is back, after a protracted struggle with the nefarious algorithms and people-bots at Google. I am still waiting for my invite to see a Giants game at the Google box in San Francisco, but as I rarely get to California these days, I guess I can wait. The last game this author saw was at Candlestick Park.

Now, for where to go from here…

Ereaders are steadily making an impact, despite the resistance of a generation weaned on video. People will not stop reading – at least I hope they won’t stop. The world is filled with plenty of ignorance as it is. Ereaders refers both to dedicated electronic reading devices, such as the kindle, and to the people who read using such devices (you and me).

The reason I am so big on ereaders is because multi-media devices such as tablets are inherently inferior reading devices. They suffer from poor light quality (backlight), poor screen displays that cause eye strain, glare, short battery life, slow start up and shut down, and more. This is because they are build to accommodate a number of devices and media, and cannot by definition focus on a quality reading experience. This is all talked about elsewhere.

Another thing that has just come to my attention is… well, our attention. Everybody, and everything, wants it. Our attention is under assault like never before in human history. To paraphrase from Leo Babuta’s book Focus:

When  we’re  working,  we  have  distractions  coming  from  every  direction.   In front of us is the computer, with email notifications and other notifications of  all  kinds. Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Skype… Then  there’s  the  addicting  lure  of  the  browser,  which  contains   not   only   an   endless   amount   of   reading   material, video and games   that   can   be   a   black   hole   into   which   we   never   escape,   but   unlimited   opportunities   for   shopping,   for   chatting   with   other   people,   for   gossip   and   news   and   lurid   photos   and   so   much   more.   All   the   while,   several   new   emails   have   come   in,   waiting   for   a   quick  response.  Several  programs  are  open  at  once,  each  of  them  with  tasks   to  complete.  Several  people  would  like  to  chat, dividing our  attention  even   further.

Ereaders allow us to read. Just read. And this is important. The chronic multitasking mode that most of us live with is destroying our ability to think and to learn effectively.  Brains jump from one soundbyte or videobyte to another, without much time for thought or reflection in between. Ereaders, though, put us completely in the book we are reading. No distractions, nothing else to catch our eye. We are able to absorb and involve ourselves, the way we do with paper books.

This will all become more evident to the masses as time goes on. But suffice to say, ereaders will be our place of solace and of learning in the noisy world to come.

Oh, and for a wonder free ebook for that ereader, try downlaoding Focus. It’s a wonderful book about how to get our attention back from all the things that have stolen it from us. Available free here.

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